Try 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circle سیاہ حلقوں کا علاج

How to get rid of dark circles around eye or under the eyes using natural ways in urdu. Dark circles are furrows that appear on the lower eyelid making the area a dark coloration that can be brown, purplish or almost black blue depending on each case.

The most common cause of dark circles is the lack of blood flow in the area that may be promoted by poor circulation. When dark circles are accompanied by pockets they are usually caused by fluid retention that may be temporary due to transient changes in the body (such as menstrual disorders) or permanent due to kidney malfunction.

Try 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circle سیاہ حلقوں کا علاج

Try 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circle سیاہ حلقوں کا علاج

In other occasions the lack of vitamins and minerals favor the appearance of dark circles, being able to affect in the same way women as to men, since dark circles do not have preference for any sex.

Dark circles are mainly an aesthetic problem for those who suffer from them without any risk to health, although as we have seen the appearance of them can be related to the malfunction of an underlying organ or disorder.

In this article you’ll be able to find 5 good remedies for dark circles .

Causes of dark circles
Poor circulation is the most common cause that affects the appearance of dark circles and usually affects one eye than the other in people who sleep on their side, as part of his face pressed against the pillow receives less blood flow during Night being perceived more in the mornings.

Massages in the area can help drain and increase blood flow by reducing inflammation and attenuating the characteristic dark coloration.

Age , circulation is reduced as we age negatively influencing the amount of oxygen to the tissues and is reflected in the coloration of the skin.

Fluid retention also contributes greatly to the appearance of dark circles and in these cases the grooves are accompanied by the appearance of some unsightly bags under the eyes that look visually older giving it a look of weariness .

These retentions may be punctual due to transient disturbances or manifested by other health problems in which the body is not able to remove fluids correctly and the cause should be studied to determine the problem.

Hormonal fluctuations also influence the retention of liquids favoring dark circles and usually very common in women, who often experience the days before their menstrual period and remit within a few days without doing anything.

Tiredness and lack of sleep are two powerful precursors of dark circles, because the main functions involved in tissue regeneration are carried out at night and the eyes are one of the first points in accusing the symptoms of fatigue.

Gene also appears to influence certain types of dark circles, especially where they are extremely dark and occupy large permanently. Generally dark circles of genetic origin are expressed at very early ages and are maintained permanently without this representing a health problem.

Certain products that contribute to dehydration of the body such as coffee, alcohol and snuff contribute to the appearance of dark circles. Tobacco steals oxygen from the body and coffee, alcohol etc. Promote dehydration, so reducing intake or exposure to these components will help reduce dark circles and prevent them from appearing.

Eye Dark Circle Remove Tips in Urdu – Get Rid of Dark Circles 2017

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