Home Remedies to Remove Brown Spots on Face In Urdu 2016

skin-treatment-to-tighten-the-pores-of-the-face-e1323197123452Our skin is individual of our mainly expensive possessions. If you don’t obtain accurate care of your skin, it can face positive troubles like dark spots, freckles, acne etc. Brown spots appear very bad and also put a bad impact on your character.Brown Spots are also known as  age Spots, Dark Spots, Sun Spots or Hyper-1 Pigmentation. Especially in summer spots of brown color come out on the face due to sun rays. even though create up helps to cover these Brown Spots to a few amount but it is essential to manage the emotional factor of these spots.Follow these tips to get rid of brown spots and freckles on your face.

Causes Of Brown Sopts:

Sun exposure
Improper skincare
Liver disease
Birth control pills
Result of acne


Natural treatment of brown spots In Urdu




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