How to Treat Dandruff with Neem Leaves HomeMade Tips In Urdu

neem-beauty-benefitsDandruff is a general difficulty, and several among us are looking for effectual solution to get rid of it. At the same time as there are many medicines and home remedies accessible to take care of the dread dandruff, the expert suggest using neam as one of the most successful remedies. It eliminate dandruff and all the problems that it causes.Neam leaves and bark are easily offered. Neam leaves are overloaded with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that work jointly to spoil the development of dandruff.Here are a few home made remidies to use neam to get rid of dandruff and to stop it from persistent.


Neam Water

This is a accepted preparation that the doctors strongly approve. It is easy to make and is enormously effective as well.

You Will require

1:-) 40 neem leaves

2:-) liter of water


Paani ko Ubalein, or is garmi utar lein.

Ab Paani mein ma Neem Kay Patay Shamil kerin.

Phir Isay AIk Raat Rest dein.

4:-) Ab Is say achi trha apna baloon ko dhoon lein


Neam And Coconut Oil Therapy

Boiling oil therapies labor wonder for your hair. Not simply do they help in comforting and peaceful nerves due to the massage that follow the oil application, but they also develop the health and touch of your hair.A combination of neam leaves and coconut oil is an additional effective remedy for dandruff.

You Will require

1:-)  1 cup of coconut oil
2:-)  20 neam leaves
3:-)  1 tsp. lemon juice
4:-)  ¼ cup of castor oil


Narial ka Tail gaam kar lein.aur is ma neam ka patay shamil kerin.Aur isay 15 minutes tak ubalein.And, then isay utar lein.

Oil ka thnday hona par is ma lemon juice aur castor oil dalien.

Aik clean and dr bottle ma tail ko store ker lain.Aur kam sa kam 1 week ma 2 times is say apna baalon ka masaj kerin.Balon ok dhonay sa 1 hour pahlay is ko lagae.


Neem Leaf Hair Pack

A hair pack organized by neam leaves is one more enormous method to struggle dandruff. It is very simple to prepare this hair pack.

You Will require

1:-)40 neem leaves
2:-)liter of water
3:-)1 tbsp of honey


Pani ko Ubal lein Aur is ko thanda kar lein.

Pani ma neam ka patay shamil karin aur aik raat k lia isay rakh dein.

Pani ko channay aur is say apna blon ko dho lein.App in paton ko grind kar kay paste bi bna sakta ko apna hair or scalp par lagein .apna balon ki narmi   ka lia is ma kuch shehad shamil karin.Is ko 30 mins ka liya chor do aur apna bolon ko is say dho lein.

Is technique ko week ma 2 times use krin InshAllah kuch hi dino ma apna bolon ma dandruff ko kam paein gay .


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