Anti-Aging Tips for Nails “Nail Care Tips Home Remedies”

Anti-Aging Tips: Has anyone out there noticed that as you get to a certain age your nails seem to be thinner and they chip and split more easily? Well, it’s true. The nails do change with age, but there are a few things we can do to combat this:

TAKE BIOTIN. It’s one of the soluble B vitamins and taking 5,000 micrograms per day will help your nails grow faster and stronger. An added benefit- it also helps your hair grow faster and fuller, too.

OLIVE OIL. Massage a dab of olive oil into your nail bed and cuticle at night. The nails become dryer as we age and olive oil is great for lubricating them. It will also help your cuticle stay supple. And the best thing is, you probably have some of that inexpensive beautifying oil right in your kitchen.

NAIL TEK. I rarely recommend particular brands, because most of what I suggest for anti-aging and health and beauty can be obtained inexpensively and from a variety of places. However, Nail Tek, is the best thing I’ve used AND it’s reasonably priced. You can get it on Amazon and it’s more reasonably priced than in beauty supply stores. Here’s the thing, though, you must apply it DAILY. When I started using it, I didn’t put it on every day and my nails continued to chip and split. I was using it maybe two or three times a week. Once I began using it, faithfully, each day, no more chips and splits! When you start, you may get a chip or two at first. If so, file it down and paint over it with the Nail Tek. After about three weeks, you shouldn’t chip or split much at all.

RUBBER GLOVES. These are MUST if you wash dishes or do any kind of housework- dusting, vacuuming, even laundry. There’s always the potential to bang a nail or catch it on something. Rubber gloves help a lot. If you wash your car, or do light yard work, drag trash bins to the curb, or garden, always wear gloves. If your nails are really soft you might consider wearing them when you go shopping or anytime you have to lift a lot of heavy stuff.
Anti-Aging Tips for Nails
GELATIN. Ah, this is controversial, because studies have debunked the idea that gelatin helps the nails. I’m convinced it helps mine, though. When I was kid I took classical guitar lessons and my teacher insisted that I take gelatin capsules, because I needed strong nails on my strumming hand. It really did seem to work. The other reason I’m sure it works is that after taking it for about six months, my nails were definitely stronger- though, this could have been solely due to the Nail Tek, but, my TOENAILS were stronger and healthier, too, and I never used the Nail Tek or olive oil on them. Gelatin has other benefits- it helps the skin and the joints, so even if you’re one of those who doesn’t believe it has any benefit on nails, you should try it anyway. Nails are made of Keratin, a protein, and gelatin is protein made of animal collagen. It goes into your bloodstream and from there to your tissues and to your hair and nails. So if you’re eating a lot of protein and collagen, the new growth is going to reflect that added nutrition. Over a period of months, you’ll notice your nails coming in healthier and stronger. Take a packet of unflavored gelatin a day in your morning coffee or tea. You may notice that your fine lines become less noticeable too.

Nice nails may not be important to everyone, but if yours are constantly peeling and chipping it may be annoying and it could be keeping you from looking as well groomed as you’d like. As we get older, we need to work a little harder to keep ourselves up. Nice hands with healthy nails are just one thing that can help contribute to an overall youthful look.

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