How to Make Mutton Korma Recipe In Urdu

How to make mutton korma recipe with step by step directions. This is very tasty and conventional dish of Pakistan, geared up with healthy spices and ingredients. Process of cooking is very easy and you can simply make it for more than 5 to 8 persons. Bakray ka Qorma is one of the favorite food item of every event’s list of options so let’s try this step by step recipe at home for your family & friends. Here at pkurdutips, you can also get many of your favorite recipes in the way of steps.



Bakre ke goshat  :   1 kg
Namak (salt)  :   Hazb e Zaika (as taste)
Adrak lehsan pisa howa   :  2 table spoon
Onion (piyaz)  :   3 Adad
Red chili powder  :   1 table spoon
Pisa dhaniya  :   1-1/2 table spoon
Pisa garam masala  :   1 table spoon
Pisae badam  :   2 table spoon
Pisae badam  :   2 table spoon
Dahi     1cup
kevara essence   :  few drops
Ghee  :   half cup


Gosht kay munasib size ki botiyan banwa lein, 2 piyaz ko kachi pise lein aur aik ko barik kat lein.
• Pan mein ghee ko darmiyani anch par 2 se3 minute garam karein aur kati hoi piyaz ko golden fry kar ke nikal lein.
• Issi ghee mein adrak lehsan dal kar 1 se 2 minute fry karyen aur is mein pisi hoye piyaz dal dein. 3 se 4 minute fry kar ke is mein namak, lal mirch, dhaniya aur goshat dal kar achi tarha bhone.
• Dahi mein fry ki hoi peyaz mila kar is mein shamil kar den aur dhak kar halki anch par pakne dein ta ke ghoshat achi tarha ghal jaye(zarorat ho to thora sa pani shamil kar dein).
• Akhir mein badam ko dodh mein mila kar dal dein aur gharam masala aur kevara chirak kar 5 se 7 minute tak dum par rakh dein.

Mutton Korma Recipe In Urdu



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