How To Make Spicy Chinese Rice Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

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Spicy Chinese Fried Rice recipe by Zubaida Tariq. This delightful Main Course recipe of Spicy Fried Chinese Rice can be ready in approximately 30 Minutes and good to serve around 2-4 People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish.

Spicy Fried Rice Recipe by Zubaida Tariq


1 and Half kg RIce, kachi banspati
1 cup Oil
Half kg bOiled Chicken
5 Carrots
6 Green Belles
1 bowl Band Gobhi
2 cup Mutter
2 tsp Chinese Salt
1 tsp Salt
3 tsp Black Pepper
7 Eggs
2 tsp Soya Sauce
1 tsp White Ginger


Boled rice and 2 chicken boiled ke reshe baghair hadi ke utar ker kisi piyali men rakh len.
Tamma sabzeion ko lambe shape ke tukrdon me kat ker un ko aledha aledha obal len . Ab in obli hui sabzion ko ek kardahi mein oil dal ker khub achi tarhan pakain sath hi is mein namak kali mirchen aur ajeeno moto dal ker resha ki hui chicken bhi ad kr dein jab yeh sabzeain frie ho jayen to kardhai ko utar kr rakh den aur ek pyali mein 3 eggs phent ker use thorde se oil mein bhun lein . Saath hi baki 4 eggs ko ubal kr cheel len aur un ke lambe tukrde kr lein.
End mein ek barde se bartan ko chulhe per ag jala kr hasbe zarrorat oil mein sab se pehle frie sabzian donon tarhan ke eggs aur chawal dal ker khub mix keren aur dam de den.
Ab in chawloon ko dahi aur kali mirchon ki chatni ke saath serve keren.

Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu by Zubaida Tariq

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