Strong And Healthy Nail Care Beauty Tips By Dr khurram in Urdu

indexHealth can be resolute by your nail color. To maintain your nails vigorous and attractive you have to take suitable care of your nails and hands as well.Yellow and white spota on nails does not seem to be fine and indicates horrific health. Attempt using some home remedy for tough, well-built and glossy nails.A manicure and pedicure on a monthly source will actually be advantageous for you and for these treatment.Here are some dependable home remedies as just what the doctor ordered healthy and beautiful nails. Do follow these accepted and natural remedies.

Khurram’s Tips For Nails

1:-) Combine mutually garlic paste and apple cider vinegar and apply all over nails daily.

2:-) Prepare a paste by adding up 1 tsp coffee powder, 1 tbsp raw chocolate (melted) or chocolate powder, 1 tsp brown sugar and some rose water. Apply this paste on your nails for half an hour.

3:-) Taking any high-quality multivitamin once a day also helps to protect nails.

Apply these these tips would help you  to get shiny ,strong and healthy nails


Nail Care Tips





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