9 Surprising Uses of Eggs at home in Urdu

Eggs can help in more than a chore. Find out more here about how to use eggs and become an expert in home solutions.

No. 1 Home Feed
For its high content of calcium and other minerals, eggshells are ideal for making compost at home .
No. 2 Control of pests and animals

Eggs Rare Uses in Urdu

Eggs Rare Uses in Urdu

If slugs, snails or even cats become crazy because you destroy your garden, eggshells give you the solution instantly. Just crush them and spread them around your garden or garden and holy remedy.
No. 3 Healthy Tomatoes
Calcium deficiency can ruin your planting tomatoes, and nothing better than eggshells to provide the amount of calcium that are needed. For this to work you must put crushed shells at the bottom when you’re transplanting.
No. 4 Water houseplants
Place a eggshells in a glass container with warm water. Cover and let stand a few days in a cool, shady place. Uses water to water your houseplants and nurture.
No. 5 Avoid obstructions drain
The crushed eggshells placed in the drain filter prevent clogging.
No. 6 Clean the garbage disposal

The shells will help you get rid of the accumulated fat and food in the garbage disposer.
No. 7 cleaner powder
Put some crushed shells on a stained surface, along with a little soap powder or detergent and clean with a sponge.
No. 8 Bleaching clothes
Are your whites are turning gray? Put some eggshells in a gauze bag and put them in the washing machine while washing your clothes to launder .
No. 9 homemade chalks
Would you like to chalks for your children play? You need five empty eggshells, 1 teaspoon flour, 1 teaspoon of very hot water and some food coloring. Shreds clean and dry shells until they are made dust. In another bowl mix flour with hot water and add 1 tablespoon egg shell powder. Mix and form a thick paste, which you will add the coloring you want. Integrates the ingredients, put the result in fun molds and let them dry for three days.

rare Uses of Eggs urdu

rare Uses of Eggs urdu

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