Different Types of Yoga

Though there are countless different types of yoga that existed worldwide, not a lot of people know about it even though yoga is considered to be one of the most well known and widely partake of all exercises. Every types of yoga has its own strength, poses and values and to each individual, you will have to find out what’s work for you but for beginners, you will need to master the basics of each major types of yoga.

1) Types of Yoga – Hatha Yoga

As one of the most practiced types of yoga, hatha yoga was founded by Yogi Swatmarama, a wise and learned practitioner that existed in the 15th century in India and he was also the one that bought together the Hatha Yoga Pradpika. Hatha yoga share many characteristic and values with Raja Yoga of Patanjali, comprising moral restraint, known as yama and spiritual observances, known as niyama.

Different Types of Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

As one of the two types of yoga that follow a holistic yogic path, the other being Raja yoga, and it centered on the physical way of life. Despite lots of similarity, the difference is that Raja yoga utilize asanas to prepare the body and lead it towards extended mediation, and the poses are largely meditative.

2) Types of Yoga – Iyengar Yoga

The other types of yoga, the lyengar yoga focused mainly on the exact placement and form of the body. The focus is mainly on clinging to each pose for extended period of time and not making continuous changes from one to the other which is the exact opposite of Ashtanga yoga. To achieve exact placement of the body, countless props such as slab and belt are used.

3) Types of Yoga – Bikram Yoga

One of the most accepted types of yoga and it is also acknowledged as “Hot yoga”, the reason is that the exercise is done in a 40 degree Celsius room with about forty percent humidity. It was founded by Bikram Choudhury and it is based in Los Angeles, California but practitioners are found all through the world.

The three mentioned are the foremost types of yoga among the many that existed in this world, so for beginners, get yourself acquainted with one of these three types before exploring others as these covered all the basics. As a beginner, Ashtanga yoga is the preferred choice as it permits you to acquire the basic knowledge of all dissimilar types of yoga

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