What is yoga? Different Types of Yoga

What is yoga? – It is a form of practices that provide tranquility and relaxation to the mind and body

For those seeking out what is yoga; it is generally a series of physical and mental pursuits and attainments to achieve a higher state of health that was originated from ancient India and it has spread all over the world, and where it is very popular in United States of America. The main reason why yoga is so widespread is because it has been sanctioned by none other than the authoritative physicians who touted the values and benefits of yoga and is also a subject close to the heart of scientists.

What is yoga once more? – Six types Of Yoga and their contributions to the image of yoga

What is yoga? Different Types of Yoga

What is yoga? Different Types of Yoga

The medical professions in addition to scientists have expressed a lot of views about what is yoga and it is not unexpected that a lot of information is out there for practitioners or newbie to check out. What then can yoga do for your health? For practitioners, it aids in soothing the mind as well as provide relaxation for mind and body. In addition it also uplifts your general mood.

Again back to the question of what is yoga; it can be considered as a great workout that enables a person to stay in good health. In yoga, there are six major types to cater to disparate individual and they are Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Different Types of yoga and Their Benefits

The first and foremost is raja yoga or the king of yoga and this type of yoga is mainly focused on meditating and it a great choice for practitioners who prefer introspection on top of contemplation. The other type is identified as karma yoga or that of providing noble cause and given that reincarnation is what all yogis or the practitioners are seeking, this branch of yoga is focused on liberation of self from transferring bad deeds to the next life and in the process ensuring no bad karma or reborn as inferiors.

Ever curious about what is bhakti yoga, it is through taking a direction by dedicating one’s life to be fully conscious of divine existence and all those around them is divine, therefore all of what they do and their feelings should be devoted towards spiritual development. On the other hand, another branch of yoga is jnana yoga which is meant for scholarly inclined practitioners, to attain freedom from learning the yoga scriptures.

Tantra yoga is frequently misinterpreted form when people seek to know what is yoga. It is for those who seeks ritualistic in addition to sexually inclined sanctification.

Last but not least, hatha yoga is a type of yoga that teaches differing kind of physical poses and at the same time be in command of one’s breath and this branch of yoga is very popular in North America. This is done by being fully aware of the surrounding and is most suitable for those who are physically fit and whose disposition is towards physicality.

As a result, appreciation of what is yoga will go bring you forward to one of the six types and with sufficient comprehension; it will move you towards self actualization.

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