Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for weight lose is efficient in burning off excess calories and it also contributes to the general health of the mind and body. Each and every one is aware of the benefits of yoga exercises but can yoga be effective in weight loss since it is not aerobic in nature. But yoga as an alternative to other weight loss program can be considered.

Studies on yoga for weight loss program

Only lately the prominent Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, situated in Seattle, WA has done some studies on yoga for weight loss and this was a ground-breaking research. The studies examined in excess of fifteen thousand public members who were given the task to recall their previous weight and the types of exercises that they have participated when there are in the age range of forty-five and fifty-five. From the studies, it was revealed that the majority of the participants put on one pound of weight yearly and for the practitioners of yoga who did it at least half an hour weekly for more than four years, they were established to put on an average of three pounds less that those whom yoga was not part of their exercise program.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Despite the facts that the outcomes of these studies are not surprising, it can show the direction to a promising yoga future. Irrespective of whether it is an obese female or male who has not before practiced yoga, it has been determined that through yoga exercises, they attained an average weight loss of five pounds and this was in fact better than those who did not take up yoga. In the studies for a range of ten years, it was found that those who did not practice yoga put on an average of fourteen pounds. If you think the studies was impressive, what sort of outcomes could be achieved with practicing yoga for weight loss at least two to three times a week.

If you were to ponder the practicality and possibility of practicing yoga for weight loss, the studies point out that you will achieve weight loss through yoga exercises. As well as weight loss, yoga is healthy for the mind and body too giving you a more robust body. The likely reasons why yoga for weight loss are what it is because it assists in removing calories at a faster rate than was originally thought so, as it boosts the practitioner metabolism rate which result in quicker rate of removing calories. Even though yoga for weight loss is deemed more effective than other exercises programs, it is necessary to select the right types for you. In the case of power yoga, a stout heart is a necessity and if in doubt, seeks the advice of your physician to choose a suitable exercise program.

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